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Deepti Weds Shrey

links The Story We are realizing how covenant relationships are the strongest force in the universe because they are unbreakable in Jesus. We are on a journey discovering the more excellent way. We are thankful for moments in life that you have literally waited [...]

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Navdeep Ashweni

The Story Navdeep, A software engineer. He is a person who fixed a problem that you don’t know you have, in a way you don’t understand. His Better half Ashweni, her dream is to become a well-settled civil engineer. Building a new World with  Navdeep. [...]

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Vidhi Harsh

The Story It all began while being batch-mates during our CA Internship. They were complete opposites. Vidhi being a quite simple and a loving girl and Harsh was the extreme notorious of the batch. They both belong to a different group of friends and never had a long [...]

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Pink Tiger

The Story  It was total desi-family-arranged-meeting. We actually conveyed the same and then realized how easy it was to talk with each other. Somethings just clicked. We decided to give it a shot and met again at the Hotel Lalit after two days. It was going to be [...]

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