How to better involve Guests in Your wedding

How to better involve Guests in Your wedding

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Everyone wants their wedding to be remembered by their guest for ages and they too want to relive those moments in coming time.

There are a lot of preparations to be done like the invitation, managing the logistics and taking care of the hospitality, sending messages, arrangements and many more. We have a solution to all your problems.

Yes WEDJOY – Your Personal Wedding App will do all these along with other rich features.

Wedding App

1. Invite Guests

Send invitations to your friends & family with the tap of a button and manage guest lists for both the bride and the groom

Wedding App

 2. Manage RSVPs Digitally

Enable your guests to respond to your RSVPs through the WedJoy app and collect their travel itinerary for seamless coordination.

RSVP - wedding

3. Connect

Introduce your guests through the app’s guest list and enable them to converse with each other and become friends before the wedding.


Wedding AppWedding guests

4. Send Real-Time Updates

Keep your guests up-to-date with last-minute changes and send custom announcements & built-in reminders to them with in-app push notifications.

Notification Wedding Wedding App

5. Share Moments

Make your guests spread the joy by sharing their captured images & videos through the app. Enable them to engage in a fun way (like, comment & share).

Wedding App

6. Share Your Love Story

Your love story is unique & deserves to be told in the most beautiful way to those who are close to you. Share snippets of how two of you fell in love!

Wedding App

7. Schedule, Travel, And Details

Ensure that your guests are informed in advance about crucial wedding-related details, including event schedule, venue, and dress code.

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