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Deepti Weds Shrey

How did you come to know about WedJoy? A friend referred WedJoy to us. We loved the guest list feature on WedJoy, It is very easy to send the invitations. ~ Shrey and Deepti Wedding Details Indoor Garden | Jaipur | Spring Deepti and Shrey got married in a traditional [...]

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Pankaj Weds Vanshika

How did you come to know about Wedjoy? I was searching for a mobile app and website for my wedding. For that purpose, I proposed the following features to be included in the app. Kindly provide valuable inputs & suggestion to make it more useful & attractive. Background theme based ho. Guest apni attendance confirm [...]

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Nirali Weds Devvrat

How did you come to know about Wedjoy? Mehul Patel, our Wedding Planner introduced us to WedJoy. They used Wedjoy Wedding App to invite everyone and even my Grand Dad, who is 75 replied to the RSVP on the App. Seems like a revolution in the Wedding Invitations. ~ Nirali Weds Devvrat [...]

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Raajvi Weds Shridhar

How did you come to know about Wedjoy? MAD world India planned our wedding and pre-wedding bash at Udaipur. We used Wedjoy App for managing and informing the guests. We had guests from all over the globe and Wedding app was a great new innovation at our wedding. ~ Raajvi Weds Shridhar Wedding Details [...]

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Navdeep Weds Ashweni

How did you come to know about Wedjoy? Navdeep’s Brother was looking for a Wedding Website as a digital e-invite for our wedding. We used a theme that matched our wedding theme for the wedding website at Wedjoy. We also gathered the Food Preferences from the guest using WedJoy. ~ Ashweni The photos shared [...]

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Bhumika Weds Chaitya

How did you come to know about Wedjoy? Fame Events showcased us our own Wedding App and Website which was created few month before our wedding. We shared the link of our wedding website to all the guests and stated sharing videos, images and getting RSVP from them.  ~ Bhumika and Chaitya [...]

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Dhvani Weds Chaitanya

How did you come to know about WedJoy? Chaitanya wanted all arrangements to be perfect. We also wanted to give a digital touch to our Wedding. WedJoy did it for us with our Weddings website and App. ~ Dhvani Wedding Details Royal | Ghandidham| Spring Dhvani & Chaitanya got married [...]

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Niharika Weds Ashish

How did you come to know about Wedjoy? The 2 days of the Wedding Carnival was in Ranthambore. We were looking for options where all the Details could be shared in one place. We googled for options and found Wedjoy. ~ Niharika and Ashish Wedding Details Mysty Forest| Ranthambore | [...]

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Harsh weds Vidhi

How did you come to know about Wedjoy? We were recently engaged and Harsh got the link on social media. He explored WedJoy and was impressed by the features and services. The Sleek design and smooth flow of the wedding App and Website helped us engage family and friends to share the most memorable [...]

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