Bhumika Weds Chaitya

Bhumika Weds Chaitya

How did you come to know about Wedjoy?

Fame Events showcased us our own Wedding App and Website which was created few month before our wedding. We shared the link of our wedding website to all the guests and stated sharing videos, images and getting RSVP from them.

~ Bhumika and Chaitya

Wedding Details

Retro Bollywood and Traditional | Bhuj | Winter

The Grand Gujarati Wedding had a unique theme for every function over the 2 days. All the details for the events were shared in details from the schedule page. The wedding hosted on WedJoy was successful and snaps from every moment were shared by the guests.

Short brief of story and pics

Being unaware, they didn’t know that this would lead them to a phase of getting to know each other.