Deepti Weds Shrey

Deepti Weds Shrey

How did you come to know about Wedjoy?

A friend referred WedJoy to us. We loved the guest list feature on WedJoy, It is very easy to send the invitations.

~ Shrey and Deepti

Wedding Details

Indoor Garden | Jaipur | Spring

Deepti and Shrey got married in a traditional Hindu wedding with a grand celebration at Jaipur.
The theme of the wedding was Indoor Garden where they promised each other to be one another’s forever.

Short brief of story and pics

We are realizing how covenant relationships are the strongest force in the universe because they are unbreakable in Jesus. We are on a journey discovering the more excellent way. We are thankful for moments in life that you have
sometimes God saves the best wine for last. After all, the Horoscope checks are done by family, then Shrey family visit to Udaipur. The tough day ?
A shy conversation happens between both of us.