Dhvani Weds Chaitanya

Dhvani Weds Chaitanya

How did you come to know about Wedjoy?

Chaitanya wanted all arrangements to be perfect. We also wanted to give a digital touch to our Wedding. WedJoy did it for us with our Weddings website and App.

~ Dhvani

Wedding Details

Royal | Ghandidham| Spring

Dhvani & Chaitanya got married in a beautiful traditional Hindu wedding with Royal theme at Gandhidham. The wedding website was also the Royal theme and customised as per their wedding theme.

Short brief of story and pics

Though this is not resolved I think Chaitanya and I first met at a coffee date where we both ordered green tea, being our typical health freak selves ? but our official first date was a Horror movie, where Chaitanya was the one hiding under the seat.

Every girl idealises her father and wants her life partner to be like him and to my luck, Chaitanya turned out to be exactly the one and that I wanted to spend my life with.

~ Dhvani

Dhvani is a simple, calm & polite girl but she is also like a pocket dynamo “Chotta package bada dhamaka”. I love how spiritual she is and how she can solve the mystery person like me, in her words “a typical Aquarian” like me.

~ Chaitanya