Harsh weds Vidhi

Harsh weds Vidhi

How did you come to know about Wedjoy?

We were recently engaged and Harsh got the link on social media. He explored WedJoy and was impressed by the features and services.

The Sleek design and smooth flow of the wedding App and Website helped us engage family and friends to share the most memorable moments together.

Wedding Details

Royal | Jaipur | Autumn

They married in a Big – Fat wedding at Jaipur. Their website was designed and customised in the theme of the Royal Wedding.

Short brief of story and pics

It all began while being batch-mates during our CA Internship. They were complete opposites. Vidhi being a quite simple and a loving girl and Harsh was the extreme notorious of the batch.

They both belong to a different group of friends and never had a long conversation. However, every time whenever they used to cross, it was full of laughter & fun-filled moments.

They gave each other self – invented names as ‘Tom (Harsh) & Jerry (Vidhi)’.

Being unaware, they didn’t know that this would lead them to a phase of getting to know each other.