Niharika Weds Ashish

Niharika Weds Ashish

How did you come to know about Wedjoy?

The 2 days of the Wedding Carnival was in Ranthambore. We were looking for options where all the Details could be shared in one place. We googled for options and found Wedjoy.
~ Niharika and Ashish

Wedding Details

Mysty Forest| Ranthambore | Winter

The PinkTiger (Niharika and Ashish) had a good number of guests and they wanted the App and Website to be as easy as it could be for the user to get to them. The Website suited the Mysty Forest theme of their wedding.

Short brief of story and pics

It was total desi-family-arranged-meeting. We actually conveyed the same and then realised how easy it was to talk with each other. Somethings just clicked. We decided to give it a shot and met again at the Hotel Lalit after two days. It was going to be a quick meeting and it turned out to be pretty quick – just 8 hours long. And we realised when it’s right, it’s right. Two people who had a big NO in mind actually got connected by heart and finally, it was the Biggest YES of our lives.

Both of us strongly believe that a wedding is not only when two people meet, its an everlasting bond between two families. The PINK city meeting the TIGER city in one of it’s kind of Wedding. Hope that the pink of Niharika’s cheek grow pinker and the tiger in Ashish still survives ?