Pankaj Weds Vanshika

Pankaj Weds Vanshika

How did you come to know about Wedjoy?

I was searching for a mobile app and website for my wedding.

For that purpose, I proposed the following features to be included in the app. Kindly provide valuable inputs & suggestion to make it more useful & attractive.

Background theme based ho.
Guest apni attendance confirm kare through a link or any other way possible.
Maybe they could be informed about room no allocated to them.
If feasible their id cards could be demanded through the app
Venue ki pic & address ho.
Brief introduction of both families.
Itinerary of both days i.e 12 & 13.
Timely Notifications for invitations.
Reminders of upcoming events.
Notifications on the start of events.
Uploading of pics during & after the events.
Lastly thanks from hosts.
So, my requirements were fulfilled to some extent on WedJoy and I am happy with the overall experience.

~ Pankaj

Wedding Details

Vintage| Amer, Jaipur | Falling Winter

Pankaj and Vanshika read their wedding vow at Indiana Palace, Amer in a traditional royal-themed wedding with a vintage touch to it.

They promised each other to stay together forever and invited everyone with their custom website supported by WedJoy.

Short brief of story and pics

Acquaintance Since 2011, But love chemistry began in 2017.

It all began with a Whatsapp Message by Pankaj in June, “I am coming down to Delhi….

On 30th Nov when Vanshika’s parents asked her for a marriage proposal and she told Pankaj about that – that was the moment they both felt “should we get married”?