How to set up wedding website and app – Get Started

How to set up wedding website and app - Get Started

Let’s learn how to setup your Wedding website and App and make the best use of WedJoy to add Joy to your wedding.

Register your Wedding on WedJoy

The first step is to register your wedding on Wedjoy. Kindly check out the features of WedJoy over here and register your wedding. One of our representatives will get in touch with you to activate your wedding.

Wedding Dashboard

Login to your account on

It is an interface for you to configure your wedding website and app, manage guests, send notifications and do a lot more.

Wedding Details

Navigate to Wedding Details from your admin dashboard.

While registering the wedding you have provided the basic details of the wedding – Bride Name, Groom Name, Wedding Date, Wedding Location. You can change the above details over here.

Event Name – By default, it is Bride Name & Groom name and will be reflected on the Top of the App once guests have joined your wedding. You can change it as per your preference and it will be reflected on the app.

Cover Photo and Heading

Navigate to Cover Photo from your admin dashboard.

Cover Photo

The cover photo will be the most visible picture for users. It serves as the backdrop to your website and mobile app.

Website Cover Photo

Upload multiple photos which you wish to show on the cover of your website. The photo should be in the landscape for it to look good on the website and the minimum size of the photo must be 1920px by 1280px.

Mobile Cover Photo

You can use the same or different photos for Mobile depending on how the photos look in the portrait mode.

If you do not wish to showcase cover Photo on Website then remove the photos.


It shows Bride and Groom Name by default and you can put any text here. If you wish to hide this then keep the field blank.


It shows the wedding date by default and you can put any text here.  If you wish to hide this then keep the field blank.

Sub Title

It shows wedding location by default and you can put any text here.  If you wish to hide this then keep the field blank.

About Bride and Groom

Navigate to About Bride and Groom from your admin dashboard.

This section showcase a brief overview about the couple and will be visible just below the cover section. Add the photo of Bride and Groom & provide a brief introduction of the couple.

Love story

Your love story is beautiful and should be told in a unique way and we have prepared a sample love story for your reference.

Navigate to Love Story from your admin dashboard.

You can add multiple sections. Add the moments of your first meeting, romantic dates, proposal, what you like/dislike about each other and let the world know about your beautiful love story.

In each section you can add a writeup and an image associated with the section.

Click on add photo and choose the relevant image. You can change, edit and delete the uploaded image.

Select Design/Theme for your website

Wedjoy offers varied design themes to help you get just the right design for your wedding website.

Navigate to Themes from your admin dashboard.

You will see all design themes available. Click on preview to get a feel and then apply the theme if you like it. You can change the theme at any point of time.

Event schedule

Share the information about all the events happening in wedding – Event Schedule, Location (Link to Google Map), Dress Code and more.

Navigate to Events from your admin dashboard.

Click on the add new Event – Provide event name, venue, date and time, short Description about the event. You can also add the relevant photo for the event.

Need to add additional details?

Just check mark the option Enable details and add details like photo of the venue, dress code, how to reach and any other additional details you will like to share with Guest.

Is it a Private Event?

If you want to make any event Private or only visible to Bride or Groom then it can also be configured.

If the event is specific for team bride or groom, select the team and the event will be shown to that team only on the Wedjoy app but it will be visible to all on website.

If you like to show the event details to only few guests then mark the event Private. You need to manually assign guest to this event and those guests should have joined your wedding on the App then only you will be able to assign. This event will not be visible on website as it is a private event.

Update Event Details

Update event information at any point of time.

For private events, click on manage in the guest’s column and add guests by typing the name.

Create albums and add photos

Wedjoy gives you the digital wedding album to keep photos for lifetime*

Navigate to Albums from your admin dashboard.

For your ease, we have created a few default albums. You can create new albums or use the default albums as well. Provide the Album Name related to events like Beach Party, Bachelor Party, Dress Rehearsal, Pre Wedding Shoot or revisit your old days by asking everyone to share photos from Childhood Days, Know Bride and Groom Family, College Days and many more.

  • You can define whether you will like the guest to allow uploading of  photos in the specific albums or restrict it to admin only.
  • Photos uploaded in this album will be displayed in the App Feed and if you do not wish to show it on feed then uncheck the option ‘show in Feed’.

Add photos and videos to the album by clicking on the button Add photos. Choose files and add some captions to them and you can also define the user “Posted by”.

  • First uploaded photo be the Default Cover for the album but you can set any photo in the album as the cover of the album.
  • You can view the stats of photos such as likes and comments on every photo.
  • Reorder Albums by Dragging the album section.

Add key people

Navigate to Key People from your admin dashboard

Mention key wedding members of your website – Parents, Brother, Sister, Bridesmaid, Groomsmen, Wedding Planner,  etc.  

Add details such as name, mobile, designation and short description. Add a photo of the person and save it. Your key contacts will be shown on your wedding app and website.

Manage RSVP

Navigate to RSVP from your admin dashboard

RSVP requirement varies a lot for each host and that is why we decided to integrate Google Form to capture RSVP details from the guest.

RSVP questionnaire can be customized on Google Form and we can help you configure it if you are not familiar with it. Once configured, google form link needs to be added in the RSVP Link and it will be visible on Website and App.

Create Custom pages

We have tried to capture most of the section that may be needed on website and app but still if you need to add the content which can not be done using the existing section then you can create a custom page.

Navigate to Manage Pages from admin Dashboard and click on create a page.

Provide the name of the Page and decide if you wish to display the title of the page on the website. Create sections you will like to add on this page.

To manage the order of page on your website, go back to Manage Pages. You can view the order of the pages (sections) and for every page, there is a little handle icon (icon) next to it. Select that handle and drag the page to change the order.

To change the name of the page in the menu bar of the website, you can change the name of the page. You can also decide to hide the section completely from the website by making it inactive.

You can also manage whether you will like to show the Page Title on navigation Menu or not.  

Travel and Accommodation Details

Your website serves as a digital invitation and should have all the required information for guests such as travel and accommodation information.

Navigate to Travel Details from admin Dashboard.

How to reach the wedding venue is very important information for guests. Kindly provide details regarding it. Also add details regarding the accommodation facility.

External Link

This feature enables you to link any external website for more information like Registry or any other details.

Navigate to Manage Page from admin Dashboard and click on ‘Add External Link’

Provide the Title and External Link. It will be visible on website and app both.


Navigate to Settings from Admin Dashboard


Wedding Code

Guests will be asked to enter a password before they may view your wedding on Wedjoy app. You can set the Wedding Code here.

Wedding Website URL

Change your wedding website url here. Guests who have your old website url will need your new url to access your wedding.

Personalize your Domain

Make your site even more memorable for guests with a unique .com, .wedding, .us, .net, or .info domain.

Time Zone

Define the timezone of your location here.

Invitation Message

This message is sent as an invitation when you invite people from the Wedjoy app. You can customize it and write your own.

Delete Your Wedding Website

Option to delete your wedding website from the WedJoy platform


It will redirect you to Manage Pages screen where you can define which Pages/Features will be visible and the order of those pages. Also you can define the page title which will appear in the Navigation Menu of Website.


You can invite your fiancée, family members and Friends to help you manage website and app. Add Email Id’s of the users to whom you will like to provide admin access. An Email will be sent to  their email Id and they can join you in managing your website and app.


  • Allow guests to invite other guests to the app – Turn On and Off
  • Allow guests to upload photos – Turn On and Off
  • Allow Facebook and Instagram photo sharing – Turn On and Off
  • Appears in the Search Engine – Turn On and Off
    • A link to your site currently appears in search engines. This way guests can find your site without needing to memorize your URL. You can turn it off if you do not wish your website to appear on Search Engine.

Manage Guests

Guests are the life of wedding. Let’s move on to adding guests. Section Guests in your admin panel has two sub sections : App users and Guest List

App users

These are the users which join your wedding on the Wedjoy app.

You can select a user and send them SMS and in-app notification. You can block/remove the users from the wedding if you see any unwanted guest in the list.

App Admin – You can also make your guest admin of the App so that they can send the Announcement or remove the unwanted posts from the app.

Guest List

Add guests

Add guests with details such as name, mobile number, room number which they will be allotted, pick up, drop off, remarks and RSVP status.

From the list of added guests, you can quickly filter via name, email, phone number etc. Click on the pencil icon to edit or delete icon to delete that guest. You can choose which columns to show in the guest list, reducing the unnecessary ones. Click on the button show / hide.

If some guest is bringing multiple people with them, choose quantity from the dropdown in the column Plus ones. If a group of friends is coming together, you can group them as a party by selecting those people and choosing the option Group as party. Make some contact as the head of the party. More people can be added to the party by selecting them and the respective party and choosing the option add to party.

You can send SMS and Email to the guests. Labels make it easy to quickly identify guests : select some guests and assign them labels as required.

List of guests can be exported in Excel format. You can also bulk upload guests by uploading your excel file. Click on import guests download the sample. Fill guest details according to the sample file. Then click on choose file in the import guests’ section and click save. Guests will be added to the event.  

Download app

So now you have set up your wedding on Wedjoy. Now it’s time to take the party on the app.

Download Wedjoy from Android and iOS store.

On the Wedjoy app tap on Get started. Enter your wedding code. Join the wedding via either phone number or login via facebook. You’ll receive an OTP in case you have chosen to login via phone. Enter the OTP and you’ll see the wedding name. Fill your name, which side you are from, relation with the bride or groom and your photo. And you’ve successfully joined your wedding on the Wedjoy app.

Invite Guests

Time to invite your guests to join your wedding. More people more fun.

Navigation to Invite from WedJoy app.

Tap on the plus button and choose to invite. Click on the invite button and invitation message along the link to download the app and Wedding Code will appear. Share the invitation on your preferred medium such as Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

We have made it simple for people to join the wedding. The link will automatically open the App store or Play store depending upon the users  device. Guests who have used the link shared to download the app, it will not ask for Wedding Code and will directly take the guest to your wedding after they have Signed In.

Invitation message can be changed from admin panel. Navigate to Settings – > Invitation Message to change the default message.


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