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Seenai Digital Studio (The Hi-Tech Digital Studio In Kerala) has been successfully catering to all kind of imaging jobs for various corporate offices & institutions for over a decade. Practicing professionally, in offering high quality outputs in imaging technology, with an ever increasing client base during all these years, Seenai Digital Studio attained higher heights of expertise adventured into wider horizons of Videography, with our professional process and competent staff, exploiting all their capabilities to make all use of the comprehensive range of title=”Seenai Digital Studio” have High tech equipments like DV Cameras, Linear/Non-linear Mixer & Video Transfer Unit.

Seenai Digital Studio have a team of deligent & dedicated professionals are always on their toes to fulfill your needs. Pertaining to photography & Videography. We strive to sharpen what we are most demanding customer expect from us. Our Other Services are Multimedia Color Lab, Photo Studio, Video Studio, Wedding Photo And Video.